Dive Tramp

It’s been my extreme pleasure to be able to dive under the waters of Scotland’s coastline and sea-lochs. It truly is a different world down there.

Realising that scuba diving may not be everyone’s cup of tea for relaxation, I want to bring the topsiders at least a little taste of our wonderful “hidden” world beneath the seas. Many do seem to take our seas for granted apparently caring little for what we do in our daily lives not realising the impact each and everyone of us can have on this, our most fragile resource.

Many of my pictures are already in the public domain, being exhibited in Natural History Centres, Schools and in Natural History competitions run by newspapers such as The Guardian.

Perhaps by seeing what’s actually down there (it’s not all just dark and gloomy) we might start thinking more of our waters. Anyway, whatever your politics and views, I do hope you enjoy at least some of these images on the Gallery pages entered by clicking on the thumbnails on the right here.

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